Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for developing the continuing education curriculum for the Los Angeles Dental Society. Committee members decide course subjects, select qualified speakers, and survey LADS members on hot topics or topics of relevance. 


 Membership Committee 

Are you proud to be part of organized dentistry? Do your peers respect your opinion? Then join the Membership Committee and tell non-members about the many befits of membership. Members of this committee also network with existing members and brainstorm ideas to make membership even more valuable for them. From planning unique events thanking members to participating in a mentorship program, this committee is open to fresh ideas in making member service a priority. Networkers and influencers are encouraged to apply! 

 New Professionals Committee 

Young doctors and recent grads need different services than more established dentists. If you are a new dentist ( practicing 10 years or less), this committee was made for you. The New Professionals Committee is charged with developing events and programs targeted at newly licensed dentists, from deciding practice management course topics to planning networking events. 

 Peer Review Committee

The Peer Review Committee is responsible for reviewing quality complaints against member dentists. This important mediation option is a free service to LADS members, thanks to the expertise and charity of committee volunteers. Committee members conduct patient exams, doctor interviews, and review case evidence. In order to be considered for this committee, you must have been in practice for at least the last 5 years and cannot be participating with third party carriers as an employee or consultant. 

 Public Relations Committee 

The Public Relations Committee exists to maintain a positive image of LADS and raise the Society's visibility in the community. Members of this committee serve as speaking ambassadors of LADS to the media, the go-to experts for oral health care, and build awareness around oral health issues. Past opportunities include participating in short reporter interviews, conducting free dental screenings in the community and evolving the LADS image and brand. 

 Legislative Committee 

The Legislative Committee is responsible for keeping on top of the various issues that affect dentistry at the national, state and local events. The Legislative Committee provides opportunities for members to meet with local and state legislators and other who may have an impact on the practice of dentistry. Members also develop events or programs that allow members to participate in unique legislative processes. 

 Ethics Task Force 

The Ethics Task Force is committed to the promotion and maintenance of high ethical standards within the dental profession. This ad hoc Task Force is responsible for reviewing and responding to various complaints of member dentists by other dentists and patients. The Task Force meets only when a case is assigned. 

Contact the LADS office to apply your skills and talents in a leadership position today! Ask Teresa Chien, Executive Director, at [email protected] for more information.